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An illustrated book specifically about the South African Film Industry and the people who make it work – from production assistant to producer and everyone in between.

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4 reviews for WBTCamera Soft Cover

  1. Tamsin (verified owner)

    A mammoth endeavor and a great look into the world of the film industry well done Kim..fantastic coffee table or client gift.

  2. Sven Vosloo

    We have a copy of your book at it is absolutely wonderful & way more than you have been promising. Thank you for your tireless efforts in completing this publication – a wonderful achievement and we are all extremely proud of you!

  3. Barry Lucas

    Congratulations on a truly informative publication, your dedication and determination can be felt throughout the book. Congratulations on showcasing our entire industry with such passion.

  4. Cameron Hadlow

    Incisively and lovingly curated, Kim Wild has created an incredible tribute to the amazing crew who have mastered their craft in the film industry. It is a beautiful reminder of the dedication, artistry, and eclectic talent within our industry – all of whom work tirelessly to achieve the same collective goal. Beyond the incredible photography, it is also a comprehensive handbook to every department, leaving no stone unturned. Kim’s passion and love for the film family shine through every page, and it is no doubt a book I will hold on tight to and cherish forever. A WORLD BEHIND THE CAMERA is an astounding love letter to the entire film industry and the spectacular people who make it all possible.

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Behind the Scenes

Lights, Camera, Action!

The Author

Kim Wild is a writer, photographer and seasoned film professional specialising as Script Supervisor/ Continuity person with nearly 30 years in the film industry and multiple films and TV commercials behind her.


A Photographic Coffee table book, about the Film Industry and the people behind the camera that make it work – from Producer to Editorial and everyone in between. 


Give ordinary readers an exclusive glance into a world that fascinates and excites the imagination (from the moviegoer to those interested in entering the film industry and making a career out of it).  Pay tribute to the exceptional talent and expertise of the film industry.

The World of film